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hi i am creating a batch file to , first create a database and then add tables to it , the CREATE DATABASE command not working properly , please help

this is my code

@echo off
echo welcome

set /p username=please enter your user name:
set /P pwd=please enter your password:
set /p dbname=please enter your database name:
set /p path=please enter your full path to the slq files(ex:- C:\xampp\htdocs\internet_wk_1.7\db):

cd /d c:\xampp\mysql\bin

mysql -u%username% -p%pwd% -e "CREATE DATABASE" %dbname%
mysql -u%username% -p%pwd% -e "source %path%\master_db.sql" %dbname%

when i run the file with out

mysql -u%username% -p%pwd% -e "CREATE DATABASE" %dbname%

and give a existing database name it works perfectly .

what i am doing wong when creating the database , please help

the error is when i typed 'kanishka' to dbname

unknown database 'kanishka'
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Don't use single quotes around db name. –  N.B. May 12 '12 at 11:19
It would help to echo your variables before you run the commands so you can see what's actually running. Or just put an echo in front of the commands themselves instead of running them. –  Marc May 12 '12 at 16:34

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