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I'm having a class with several subclasses that all uses methods and fields from the parent-class. Is there a "correct" way of handling this?

So far I've been using (inherit method1 method2 ...) in each subclass.

I've searched in vain for a way that the parent-class can force the subclasses to inherit the bindings, and I understand that that might be bad style.

Not very experienced with Racket or OOP.

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The methods are inherited even if you don't use inherit. To call a method from a super class, one can use (send this method arg1 ...). The form (inherit method) inside a class form will make the method available in form (method arg1 ...) inside the body. This is not just a convenient shorthand, but is also more efficient than (send this method).

I am unaware of forms that package names to inherit, but you can roll your own with a little macro. Here is an example:

(define-syntax (inherit-from-car stx) 
  (datum->syntax stx '(inherit wash buy sell)))

(define car% (class object%
               (define/public (wash) (display "Washing\n"))
               (define/public (buy)  (display "Buying\n"))
               (define/public (sell) (display "Selling\n"))

(define audi% (class car% (super-new)
                (define/public (wash-and-sell)

(define a-car (new audi%))
(send a-car wash-and-sell)
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Ok, thanks! I thought about trying to do something similar, but didn't know of datum->syntax. I'll leave the question open for a while to see if there's any other comers. –  Erika May 12 '12 at 13:55
I think Racket's class system requires inherited methods to be listed explicitly. Other class systems may have different requirements. Racket's is a little funny because the classes are runtime values: you can make new classes on the fly. Example: mixins. (See: Unfortunately, this flexibility comes at a price in that the compiler doesn't currently know what methods are available in the superclass, given the superclass is a runtime value rather than a compile-time one. But you can always send a message, by the way. e.g. (send this wash) –  dyoo May 13 '12 at 21:12

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