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Supose, that you need to insert into table of db row with values $a, $b, $c, the values can be unsafe, name of table is stored in the class performing the operation as constant. It's possible to make query as follows

$query = "INSERT INTO `" . self::TABLE . '` ' .
    "(a, b, c) VALUES (" .
    . intval(a) .
    ",'" . mysql_real_escape_string(b) . "'" .
    ",'" . mysql_real_escape_string(b) . "')";

Here's the question: is there a more elegant way to create a query?

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It's called prepared statements, it exists in MySQLi (good) or PDO (better). I'll add the common thing I add in comments for people who use mysql_*:

Please stop writing new code with the ancient mysql_* functions. They are no longer maintained and community has begun the deprecation process. Instead you should learn about prepared statements and use either PDO or MySQLi. If you care to learn, here is a quite good PDO-related tutorial.

While it is possible to do in mysql_* functions, I highly (really EPICLY) recommend against it.

In PDO, your code would look like this:

$query = "INSERT INTO `" . self::TABLE . "` (a, b, c) VALUES (:a, :b, :c);";

$statement = $db_connection->prepare($query);

$statement->bindParam(":a", $a);
$statement->bindParam(":b", $b);
$statement->bindParam(":c", $c);

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And does mysqli extension includes mysql_* functions? –  Eugeny89 May 12 '12 at 12:43
@Eugeny89: No, it includes mysqli_* functions for people who prefer procedural coding. Read the links I've placed in my answer. –  Madara Uchiha May 12 '12 at 12:46

Yes, it is. You can/must use PDO or mysqli. By they way when you insert integer in database you dont need '.

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There is - use an ORM such as Doctrine or Propel... Virtually any PHP framework provides an ORM, most of them based on the Active Record pattern

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One question... Why? –  Madara Uchiha May 12 '12 at 12:35

Yes, it is possible The only thing is that you'll get value 1 and an E_NOTICE level error for unsafe values of a in intval.

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