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I'm trying to dynamically copy some radio buttons but for some reason the cloned radio buttons cannot be selected... Can anyone help me?


   <div id="sGroup">
<div class="section" id="section1">
<input type="text" size = "16" id="section1" placeholder="Section Name"/>
<p id="par1"><textarea rows="2" cols="70" id="info1"/></textarea></p>
<div class="mediasection" id="mediasection1">
<input type="text" size ="50" id="url1" placeholder="Media URL"/>
<input type="radio" name ="media1" id="image1"/> Image
<input type="radio" name ="media1" id="video1"/> Video


function addMedia() {
var clonemedia = $("mediasection1").cloneNode(true);
clonemedia.setAttribute("id", "mediasection"+secCount);
//mediasection1 and mediasection2
var allRadio = clonemedia.querySelectorAll("input");
allRadio[0].setAttribute("id", "url"+secCount);
allRadio[1].setAttribute("name", "media"+secCount);
allRadio[1].setAttribute("id", "image"+secCount);   
allRadio[2].setAttribute("name", "media"+secCount);
allRadio[2].setAttribute("id", "video"+secCount);
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Which library are you using? Prototype.js? –  Felix Kling May 12 '12 at 13:10
This creates the radio buttons for me and they're functional, link to jsfiddle. What more are you trying to do exactly? –  mgiuffrida May 12 '12 at 23:16

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Sorry this is a really old question but in case people do discover this somehow it was because my div was on top of my radio buttons so I couldn't click them. The CSS which wasn't provided had one of my divs hidden so I didn't even know (my friend did the CSS and I did the javascript).

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