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I'm working on .NET project. I need to calculate length and area of shapes in SVG file.

There are two difficulties:

a) Bezier curves - it seems formula is not trivial


b) transforms - before doing the calculation I have to apply all transforms

Can anyone recommend a library that does geometric computations on SVG files? Can anyone recommend a code that applies transforms to SVG files and return raw values for each point in each shape?

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For bezier curves you can calculate length by converting the curve into line segments .You can use an algorithm given by DeCastelJau . algorithm is like

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I thought SVG had natively the path.GetTotalLength() that calculates lengths, no? –  Nicholas Kyriakides Nov 3 '13 at 9:35
Yes, SVG have its native method to calculate length of curves but it uses the basic algorithm of DeCastleJau –  radhe001 May 14 at 10:53

If you open and save the files in the online SVG editor - 'SVG-Edit', it itself will remove any transformations( and will give you the raw values for each point needed)

Also since SVG-Edit is opensource you can even search its source code to find the module which does that and use it.

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