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I want to make 3 windows to represent rotation around the given axis. For that I made a class XYZAxis which contain function render. Next, from the main I call the function creatWindow which makes a GLUT window. However I don't know how to correctly pass function render to glutDisplayFunc :( fragment of main

void (XYZAxis::* pmf)(void);
pmf = &XYZAxis::render;

XYZAxis *xaxis=&XYZAxis(origin,5,10);

glutDisplayFunc( void(xaxis->*pmf)() ) ;

and a function within XYZAxis class

void render(void) 




the program compiles however when it reaches the glutMainLoop(); it throws an error and closes the window

GLUT: Warning in (unamed): The following is a new check for GLUT 3.0; update your code. GLUT: Fatal Error in (unamed): redisplay needed for window 1, but no display callback.

how to do it correctly?any ideas?

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I don't think you can pass a pointer to a C++ instance method to a C API like GLUT. You will need to wrap the method call in a C function using a global pointer to the instance you are interested in. See http://www.parashift.com/c++-faq-lite/pointers-to-members.html

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