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G++ is giving me warnings about init_priority attribute:

g++ -c -o src/core/ModuleManager.o -Wall -fPIC -imacros ./src/configs/config.hpp -O2 -I./src/include  src/core/ModuleManager.cpp
src/core/ModuleManager.cpp:27:29: warning: requested init_priority is reserved for internal use

Is there a way to supress this specific warning?

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Is there a way to supress this specific warning?

Yes: don't use init_priority reserved for internal use (priority <= 100).

There is a reason it is reserved, and if you ignore the warning, you'll eventually have to debug a problem you will have hard time understanding.

Never lie to your compiler -- it will get you!

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Right... I thought the init_priority attribute itself is reserved, not specific priority values... I better RDFM next time I guess... –  Bartosz Golaszewski May 12 '12 at 17:42
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