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If you have written a really long command, say cd /very/long/path, and then you do ctrl+c or ctrl+u (if the cursor is at the end), and then you realise that you want the command back, is there any way to get the full line back without re-typing. Is there any trick to change .bashrc so that bash_history keep track of keys pressed on the shell and not just after the enter is hit.

I have answered a question at and realised if we have some option like this it would be very helpful.

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To undo, use either

  • Ctrl+X, Ctrl+U; or
  • Ctrl+_ (underscore).

See bind -P for a full list of keybindings in bash.

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Thanks John, I appreciate your corrections. I will be more careful for rest of my posts. – vks Jun 29 '09 at 3:47

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