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I've been using D for around a month now after using other languages such as C++ and Java. I've been wanting to move my simple game platform from Java to D, and I'd like to use the Derelict3 library to do so. I've compiled the github repository located here https://github.com/aldacron/Derelict3

Running Linux, if that helps.

I've placed my .a files in /usr/lib/.. and I've placed my .d files (The import folder from the Derelict root directory) in /usr/include/i386-linux-gnu/dmd/druntime/import

My code is as follows:

import std.stdio;

import derelict.opengl3.gl3;
import derelict.glfw3.glfw3;

pragma(lib, "/usr/lib/libDerelictUtil.a");
pragma(lib, "/usr/lib/libDerelictGL3.a");
pragma(lib, "/usr/lib/libDerelictGLFW3.a");

void main() {
    writeln("This is a line");

this is based on other questions that were answered on stackoverflow and some topics from the dlang.org forums, but the terminal spits this out at me when I'm compiling:

kevin@kevin-Latitude-D620:~$ dmd main.d
/usr/include/D/Derelict/libDerelictGL3.a(gl3.o): In function `_D8derelict7opengl33gl318_sharedStaticDtor2FZv':
../import/derelict/opengl3/gl3.d:(.text._D8derelict7opengl33gl318_sharedStaticDtor2FZv+0x4): undefined reference to `_D8derelict4util6loader15SharedLibLoader19isAutoUnloadEnabledOFNdZb'
/usr/include/D/Derelict/libDerelictGL3.a(gl3_d1_649.o):(.data+0x38): undefined reference to `_D8derelict4util6loader15SharedLibLoader7__ClassZ'
/usr/include/D/Derelict/libDerelictGL3.a(gl3_d1_649.o):(.rodata+0x4418): undefined reference to `_D8derelict4util6loader15SharedLibLoader4loadMFZv'
(MORE of the above)
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
--- errorlevel 1
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Don't know about your actual problem, but here is one important point. Try not to use absolute paths to libraries. On other machine than yours this code will cause compilation error if there are no libraries at the specified path. Use compiler flags or build system to manage library dependencies. –  Vladimir Matveev May 12 '12 at 15:18
I think your libDerelictUtil.a is the Derelict2 Version. –  dav1d May 12 '12 at 21:18
It's not I downloaded it straight from the Derelict3 repo. –  KevinRK May 13 '12 at 2:54
Spare yourself the lib trouble and just compile your game main.d with rdmd. –  Trass3r May 13 '12 at 11:17
Compiling with rdmd gives me this error(I got the programs to compile with dmd but when I run them it gives the same error) Should add I got the library installed on windows so I'm using that now C:\Documents and Settings\Kevin Kowalczyk\My Documents>rdmd main.d derelict.util.exception.SharedLibLoadException@C:\D\dmd2\windows\bin\..\..\src\d runtime\import\derelict\util\exception.d(38): Failed to load one or more shared libraries: SDL2.dll - The specified module could not be found. ---------------- 41284C 4126D7 40587C 405AE8 405A9F 4059E1 40201A 4061FA 405E1B 41ABD9 ---------------- –  KevinRK May 13 '12 at 18:22

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ld, the linker maintains a list of unresolved symbols as it moves first to last through the libraries to link, trying to reduce its list of unresolveds. This means that any dependencies should be listed after the code which depends on them. So try rearranging your pragma(libs...) like this:

pragma(lib, "DerelictGL3"); 
pragma(lib, "DerelictGLFW3"); 
pragma(lib, "DerelictUtil"); 
pragma(lib, "dl");
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