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I try to use TJWS Embeddable Servlet Container to start RestEasy application using this userguide

Application work correct in JBOSS7-AS. I want to use TJWS for debuging and unit testing, but have problem with dependency injection.

I create resource class UserResource, which using CDI to inject utility class UserManager:

class UserResource {

  UserManager userManager; // simple interface and imlementation

  public UserResource() {} // constructor with no parameters for bean

    public List<User> list() {
       List<User> userList = userManager.getList(); // NullPointerException
       return userList;

Start TJWS in main:

public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
    TJWSEmbeddedJaxrsServer tjws = new TJWSEmbeddedJaxrsServer();


When i try to get http://localhost/users/list via browser, i get NullPointerException in UserResource.list() method, because userManager not injected and is null.

Is there any way to inject userManager?

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There may be some CDI integration that doesn't happen if you manually start it up. Have you looked at Arquillian for testing in the container? – LightGuard May 13 '12 at 2:33
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TJWS is a standalone servlet container and web server that does not support EE annotations like @Inject. For the code to work you have to use EE container such as JBoss AS.

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