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I'm calling JavaScript function from my Gadget application to dial phone number.

C# code:

HtmlPage.Window.Invoke("CallPhone", string.Format("callto://{0}", Number));

Java script code:

function CallPhone(Number) {
wnd = window.open(Number);


The function is working well but it opening internet explorer window, i do not know JavaScrip and in a first glance didn't found any other solution. So is there better solution that allow to dial number wihout opening browser window.

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The callto:// link format will always start your default internet browser, so it's up to it if it will open a new window or not.

Is this supposed to start Skype?

Ok, simply start the skype.exe prpcess with the callto argument.

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Yep. It suppose to start Skype. –  Denis Kucherov May 14 '12 at 15:05

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