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Using Backbone.js, I would like to fetch the data from a Json file in the client part when calling the fetch method on model or collection instance.

The url property in my collection (MyCol) point to the following json file which looks like this:

  {title: "_My trip to Bali", src: "bali-trip.jpg"},
  {title: "_The flight home", src: "long-flight-oofta.jpg"},
  {title: "_Uploading pix", src: "too-many-pics.jpg"}

I perform the following commands:

myCol = new MyCol();
myCol.fetch(); // the Request Method GET is ok 
myCol.toJSON(); // [] 
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We need more information: 1) Which is the URL of your JSON file? 2) Which is the URL of the Backbone request? 3) What is the Network console showing you? 4) What is something like this myCol.fetch({ success: function(){ console.log("SUCCESS"); }, error: function(){ console.log("ERROR"); } showing you? –  fguillen May 13 '12 at 8:27

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@fguillen is right saying you can debug your code simply using success and error callbacks. Anyway the error is in your json format because of the members which need to be a string.

Try this and it will work:

  {"title": "_My trip to Bali", "src": "bali-trip.jpg"},
  {"title": "_The flight home", "src": "long-flight-oofta.jpg"},
  {"title": "_Uploading pix", "src": "too-many-pics.jpg"}
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Remember that fetch is not a synchronous function. The fetch method will initiate a request to the server and you are alerted to the response through an event or callback.

Take a look at the backbone documentation for the fetch method http://documentcloud.github.com/backbone/#Model-fetch.

Try doing something like this instead.

myCol = new MyCol();
    success: function() { //This is fired if the request is succesful


myCol = new MyCol();
myCol.on('change', function() { //This is fired if the model's attributes change

Or as @roberkules mentioned, fetch returns a jqXHR, so you could do this.

myCol = new MyCol();
     .done(function() {
      .fail(function() {
          alert('Oh No!');
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I prefer myCol.fetch().done(function(){ myCol.toJSON(); }); –  roberkules May 13 '12 at 10:10
.done() worked for me –  Souvik Basu Nov 10 '13 at 9:50

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