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If I want to read the opacity value in to javacript I can just use


but if I want the fontSize I have to use the function below.

function findFontSize( element_id )
    var element = document.getElementById( element_id );  
    // var theCSSprop = element.style.fontSize; // Does not work  
    // var theCSSprop = element.getPropertyValue("font-size"); // Does not work
    var theCSSprop = window.getComputedStyle( element, null ).getPropertyValue("font-size");  // This works
    alert( theCSSprop ); 



Why is this?

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You can't read any element.style properties unless you set them first- in firefox, opera, IE and Safari- I don't know about Chrome, but I'd doubt it. –  kennebec May 12 '12 at 18:16

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There is a different syntax for explicitly defined css styles and inherited styles. I'm guessing (though your jsfiddle doesn't match the question) that opacity is being explicitly set, but fontSize is inherited.

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this is true, they were set explicitly. –  CS_2013 May 12 '12 at 18:19
It's important to note another difference, though the explicit setting was the important one. You can't ever access element.style.font-size because the client parses that as element.style.font - size. However, if font-size is explicitly set, you can access that setting using camelCase: element.style.fontSize. –  Scott Mermelstein Sep 23 '13 at 16:20

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