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I'm using some radio buttons to influence the behavior states of a jQuery widget. That widget can be used in a form but, since these radios don't contain any actual data, I don't want them to submit noise to the server, or cause naming conflict to whoever will use the widget in his form.

Here are two potential solution starts, not yet satisfying though :

  • remove the name attribute : seems to work fine for other inputs, but turns my radios into checkboxes : it kills the link between them so selecting one doesn't unselect the others. Is there an HTML way (i.e. other than Javascript event) to bind them without a name attribute ?
  • disable the input : As expected, nothing is submitted, but the radios become grey and can't be clicked. Is there any way that they stay clickable yet unsubmittable, like disabled at submit time ?

As far as possible, I'm rather looking for a cross-browser solution.

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Do they need to be inside the form? – Zuul May 12 '12 at 19:00
We have to assume it's part of the requirements. The idea is that the widget is included in a form and works like any other field. – Emmanuel Joubaud Sep 19 '12 at 15:28

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Try call a function before submit, that disables the radio buttons.

function disableBtn() {
  document.getElementById('idbtn1').setAttribute('disabled', 'disabled');
  document.getElementById('idbtn2').setAttribute('disabled', 'disabled');
  return true;

Then, in form:

<form action="file" method="post" onsubmit="return disableBtn()">
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