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I have 2 classes

@Table(name = "user")
public class User 
@Column(name = "id")
private int id;

@OneToMany(fetch = FetchType.LAZY, mappedBy = "user")
private Collection<Book> userBooks;
@Table(name = "books")
public class Book
@Column(name = "id")
private int id;

private User user;

here some more code:

  User user = new User();
    Book book = new Book();
    book.setTitle("some book ");

i am trying to create a new user and add a new book to it. when i save the user


the user is saved, the book is saved but in the book table, the user_id is not set. and is left NULL.

why is that.


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You didn't show your code, but the join table was probably not populated because you forgot to initialize the user field of the book. in a bidirectional association, the owner side is the side which doesn't have the mappedBy attribute, and it's this side that JPA uses to know id the association exists or not.

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i have added more code. if i try to init the user memmber in book class i get exception: object references an unsaved transient instance - save the transient instance before flushing – Gleeb May 12 '12 at 20:14
Ok, i did not understand your sudgestion but eventually you were right. i had to put the new user i created inside the book instance. that's the only way it knew the user id. – Gleeb May 13 '12 at 9:11

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