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I use XPath to parse a HTML webpage for fetching all internal links. DOMXPath will return all links provided in href. How can I separate internal an external links?

I introduce a series of string checks to remove external links; but the problem is that there are different ways to link internal pages such as


What is the safest way to distinguish internal links (any link to the present domain including its subdomains) and external links (to any other domain).

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Use substr() to see if the first 4 characters are http.

If so, use the parse_url() function to check whether the host is the same. If not, it's internal.

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The list provided by DOM is not necessarily full urls. It may simple return /page.html as given in the example. – All May 12 '12 at 19:35
Did it work...? – Jeroen May 13 '12 at 19:03
Actually no, as host in parse_url() cannot recognize domain/subdomain. Probably it cannot be resolved, as there is no function in PHP to detect subdomain. – All May 14 '12 at 11:43
What exactly do you want, would you define internal as being on the same domain or being on the same subdomain? – Jeroen May 14 '12 at 15:07

Here is a small example i have written using preg_match. Let me know if it helps.

function get_a_href($url){
    $url = htmlentities(strip_tags($url));
    $ExplodeUrlInArray = explode('/',$url);
    $DomainName = $ExplodeUrlInArray[2];
    $file = @file_get_contents($url);
    $h1count = preg_match_all('/(href=["|\'])(.*?)(["|\'])/i',$file,$patterns);
    $linksInArray = $patterns[2];
    $CountOfLinks = count($linksInArray);
    $InternalLinkCount = 0;
    $ExternalLinkCount = 0;
     if($linksInArray[$Counter] == "" || $linksInArray[$Counter] == "#")
    preg_match('/javascript:/', $linksInArray[$Counter],$CheckJavascriptLink);
    if($CheckJavascriptLink != NULL)
    $Link = $linksInArray[$Counter];
    preg_match('/\?/', $linksInArray[$Counter],$CheckForArgumentsInUrl);
    if($CheckForArgumentsInUrl != NULL)
    $ExplodeLink = explode('?',$linksInArray[$Counter]);
    $Link = $ExplodeLink[0];
    if($Check == NULL)
    if($ExternalLinkCheck == NULL)
    $InternalDomainsInArray[$InternalLinkCount] = $Link;
    $ExternalDomainsInArray[$ExternalLinkCount] = $Link;
    $InternalDomainsInArray[$InternalLinkCount] = $Link;
    $LinksResultsInArray = array(
    return $LinksResultsInArray;
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