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This seems simple yet I cannot figure it out. I need to return an array merge for 2 arrays, they are not exactly the same and one is a global multidimensional array.

global $animals;

$array1 = array('dogs' => __('Dogs'), 'cats' => __('Cats'));  //localized
$array2 = $animals;  //not localized

the var_dump of $array2 is:

  'ducks' => 
      'width' => int 350
      'height' => int 350
      'crop' => boolean true
  'cows' => 
      'width' => int 750
      'height' => int 150
      'crop' => boolean true

I need to $merge = array_merge($array1, $array2); to return an array like this.

array('dogs' => __('Dogs'), 'cats' => __('Cats'), 'ducks', 'cows');  

But im getting all sorts of weird results.

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Try this:

$merge = array_merge($array1, array_keys($array2));
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thanks, it is always something so simple. –  Wyck May 12 '12 at 19:54


$animalNames = array_keys($animals);
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