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how can I configure a preference activity to automatically show preference headers on the left and the details of the selected header on the right? Can you point me to some docs? Thanks in advance!

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This happens automatically with PreferenceActivity, running in Android 3.0+, on a large screen device (e.g., tablet). – CommonsWare May 12 '12 at 21:46
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From the documentation,

This activity shows one or more headers of preferences, each of which is associated with a PreferenceFragment to display the preferences of that header. The actual layout and display of these associations can however vary; currently there are two major approaches it may take:

On a small screen it may display only the headers as a single list when first launched. Selecting one of the header items will re-launch the activity with it only showing the PreferenceFragment of that header. On a large screen in may display both the headers and current PreferenceFragment together as panes. Selecting a header item switches to showing the correct PreferenceFragment for that item.

Thus, the behavior you are describing is automatically supported on large screen tablets running Android 3.0+.

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Oh, I've misunderstood that part of the documentation... when I've read it may display both the headers and current etc.. I thought that it was an option and I was wondering how to specify it... Sorry for the stupid question! – Gianni Costanzi May 13 '12 at 9:03

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