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I am trying to Install Mosquitto server for MQTT on my windows system and then access it through my website. I followed the instructions given here http://tokudu.com/2010/how-to-implement-push-notifications-for-android/ and http://michaelconnors.net/article/462/hello-mqtt.

So far I can deploy the example for android using the tokudu's server and I have also managed to install mosquitto server on my local. When I try to start a Mosquitto_sub it works.

My problem is when I change the ip in send_mqqt.php to my ip to access the MQQT on my system, I get this error - fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to (Connection timed out).

I am not sure which IP I should use. I wish to access it using my external ip.

Apologies If I am not making any sense or my question is unclear.

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I do not know why you guys closed it. Mine was a simple question of how to access a local application server through internet. Anyways it was arouter problem and I solved it with some help from this article - nch.com.au/kb/10046.html –  nasaa May 13 '12 at 17:20

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