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I have to define schema imperatively in the view because 'missing' needs to be dynamic:

    # ...
    now = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
    delta = datetime.timedelta(days=range)

    schema = SchemaNode(Mapping())
    schema.add(SchemaNode(Date(), name='to', missing=now))
    schema.add(SchemaNode(Date(), name='from', missing=now - delta))
    # ...

This is ugly. Is there a better way besides defining a custom type?

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Use schema binding.

def deferred_now(node, kw):
    now = kw['now']
    return now

def deferred_now_delta(node, kw):
    return kw['now'] - kw['delta']

class MySchema(MappingSchema):
     to = SchemaNode(Date(), missing=deferred_now)
     frm = SchemaNode(Date(), missing=deferred_now_delta)

def aview(request):
    schema = MySchema().bind(now=now(), delta=somedelta)
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