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How do I check if current animation is completed so that I can follow up with another set of animation? For example, I am playing player hurt animation and I want to play some bloods splashing animation (different spritesheet) once the player hurt animation is finished.

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You can set OnActionCompleted listener to your Action with Action's method:

  * Sets the listener to be invoked when the action is finished.
  * @param listener
  * @return this 
 public Action setCompletionListener (final OnActionCompleted listener)

Eventually you can use:

public boolean isDone()

to check if Action execution has finished.

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Thanks for your helps. I am new to Android and libGdx. Sorry if my question sounds too silly for you. :) I am testing my code on the sample project Super Jumper where I have my Player object that holds all the player attributes like velocity, position and etc. I am using the *WorldRenderer pattern to draw the sprites on screen. Can I add the setCompletionListener on the Player class which is not extend from Actor? –  Iain H. May 14 '12 at 15:19

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