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The title has it all, when setting up a class path to be used by your program, what is the significance of .: construct?


/Library/Java/Home/bin/java -cp $APP_HOME/lib/*.jar::  Handler


/Library/Java/Home/bin/java -cp .:$APP_HOME/lib/*.jar::  Handler
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Paths in the classpath are separated from one another by :. So . is just the first entry in the classpath list, which refers to the current directory.

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For the code particular fragment given above: /Library/Java/Home/bin/java -cp .:$APP_HOME/lib/*.jar:

this would mean the current directory (denoted by '.') is to be looked at first before all the jars in the $APP_HOME directory.

: is the classpath separator in unix whereas ; is the classpath separator in windows.

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