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I stepped over the following tutorial: http://afana.me/post/create-wizard-in-aspnet-mvc-3.aspx

Since it looks pretty nice, I'm asking myself if making the complete wizard in JavaScript just like that is a good/safe idea?

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I don't see anything wrong in that as long as you are using POST HTTP methods for save/delete data operations. But i would always make the app to work in a non-javascript version and once it is done, add the javascript fancy version like the ajaxified wizard.

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I would have prefered the non-javascript way but since I'm having trouble with it I gave it up for now and thought this example is pretty good explained which would be perfect, I just had some doubts about security stuff. Thanks for your answer, I guess it's just fine then. :) –  Kevin Suppan May 12 '12 at 23:02

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