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I use vim as my IDE with python and it's been great. I use pyflakes + pep8 with the appropriate plugin. I need these additional features:

  1. pyflakes check "on the fly" without having to switch to normal mode.
  2. pep8 check "on the fly". Currently, I have mapped 'F6' to do pep8 check and a quickfix window pops up. I want pep8 to be done the same way as pyflakes, but in normal mode.
  3. Highlights for pep8 and pyflakes must be different.


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Checking with pyflakes on the fly

You can autorun pep8+pyflakes on write with flake8

  • flake8 can highlight pep8 and pyflakes errors on write. (possibly on the fly?). Plus, you can set a list of errors to ignore (for example, the pep8 error about how to define variable names).

Unfortunately, I don't know if anyone's written a pep8 checker on the fly. Maybe not enough demand?

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