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So I have an ms access 2010 db that is has linked tables through odbc connection.

I had a macro that completed transactions (inventory application). When multi users were using the macro was overlapping itself and creating errors.

I made the macro into a public function and that helped but did not eliminate issues.

I am trying to make it use the transaction method where it can rollback if not all got completed.

I think I am very close but I am having issues with the queries running and fear it is because of the tables being linked to sql by odbc connection. I am posting code below. If anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.

Option Compare Database

' CompleteTransactionsMOD 
Public Function CompleteTransactionsMOD()
  Dim bSuccess As Boolean
  Dim iCounter As Integer
  Do While bSuccess = False And iCounter < 3
    Debug.Print "Loop " & iCounter
    bSuccess = CompleteTransactionsMOD_Loop()
    iCounter = iCounter + 1
  If bSuccess Then
      MsgBox "Transactions completed successfully"
      MsgBox "Transactions failed to complete after repeated attempts"
  End If
End Function

Public Function CompleteTransactionsMOD_Loop() As Boolean
  On Error GoTo CompleteTransactionsMOD_Loop_Err

  With CurrentDb
   .Execute "UpdateInOutTrantblQRY", dbFailOnError
   .Execute "UpdateTranTypeQRY", dbFailOnError
   .Execute "PullToShipTransHandlingQRY", dbFailOnError
   .Execute "TransreadyInDupLocQRY", dbFailOnError
   .Execute "TransreadyOutDupLocQRY", dbFailOnError
   .Execute "AppendNewLocToInvInQry", dbFailOnError
   .Execute "UpdateNewLocToInvNegQRY", dbFailOnError
   .Execute "TrancomplastQRY", dbFailOnError
   .Execute "InvLocFindNegQRY", dbFailOnError
   .Execute "DelZeroQInvLocQRY", dbFailOnError

  End With
  CompleteTransactionsMOD_Loop = True

  Exit Function

  Debug.Print Err.Description
  CompleteTransactionsMOD_Loop = False
  Resume CompleteTransactionsMOD_Loop_Exit

End Function
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More likely you are having issues because access is a desktop database, it will always have issues with multi user. That said why are you doing that many things in one transaction, looks like you are trying to do absolutely everything in one go? –  Tony Hopkinson May 12 '12 at 23:25
@TonyHopkinson I am going through so many steps so I can keep history and know what has been completed or not as well as checking for exceptions that need to be handled. So I should not even be using acces since multi user? Is there anything I can do to make it handle that? –  andyeastes May 12 '12 at 23:34
It sort of does and it's got better in later versions, but access has no server it's just a file. No real difference between it and say an xml on a shared drive, with several people trying to read and write it.... The more and or bigger concurrent transactions yu have the more likely you are going to expose it's weaknesses. Aside from deployment issues switching to sql server express should be simple, and you'll get rid of ODBC, and get an absolute shed load of extra options. –  Tony Hopkinson May 13 '12 at 11:45
@TonyHopkinson what do you mean when you say deployment issues. If I do the switch do I have to rebuild my FE? –  andyeastes May 13 '12 at 15:02
No I mean you need to deploy sql server as well, or get your installer to use and existing sql server, and add dbs to it, (which requires a good deal of infrastructure work. Art the moment I presume you are just pointing at an existing MDB, or just putting it somewhere the app can see it. –  Tony Hopkinson May 14 '12 at 15:46

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