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In the following scenario:

javac -cp $APP_HOME/lib/*.jar::  BCClient.java

Assuming $APP_HOME/lib contains all the jars needed

What would cause the following:

BCClient.java:35: package com.thoughtworks.xstream does not exist

It looks like files libraries needed by the .java are not found, except that when i do the following code fails with the same error

javac -cp "$APP_HOME/lib/xstream-1.2.1.jar;$APP_HOME/lib/xpp3_min-"  BCClient.java
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What is the use of :: in the classpath? You don't need any : at the end, only as delimiter. –  user unknown May 12 '12 at 23:50

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This should work with a compiler Java 6+. But if you execute this command from a shell that perform wildcard expansion, then you need to put the wildcards in quotes. More details can be found here.

/Library/Java/Home/bin/javac -cp "$APP_HOME/lib/*.jar:." BCClient.java

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