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Does anyone who how to fix this issue ? I'm running purchased OSX Lion on my VMware workstation . For some reason the Lion OS wont boot up after update .... :-(
everything is up to date . but it is not booting up. Does any one know what is the issue ? and is there any way to reverse the update ?

please help I have just one important File there ..

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Are you running Lion on non-apple hardware? VMware support would be your first place for support in any case. Have you started with apple.com/support and used any of the troubleshooting guides that cover the OS failing to boot? If you have a recovery HD, that might be the fastest path to determining where the issue lies - VM or OS. –  bmike May 13 '12 at 14:57
@Ali Did you find any solution? –  Jani May 27 '12 at 4:33

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I got the same issue, press win+v can see the boot is stuck at "[ PCI Configuration Begin ]" . I have tried some old ways, but can't figure it out. But there are bunch of ways to copy files out without booting up the OS. Here is my way: Use an old 10.7.3 vmdisk as a primary partition, and add the vmdisk with 10.7.4 updated as a secondary hard disk. After booting up and getting in to the 10.7.3, create a new admin user whose name is same as the one in your 10.7.4 system, then log in and you can access every file in the disk of 10.7.4.

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I realized If i leave my VM on for a long period of time at some point the OS will boot up ... sometime one hour sometimes 30 min and sometimes a day ! –  Ali May 25 '12 at 18:49

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