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We have a git based project with a friend and one master branch. He made some changes to some files, I made changes to some other files, and we may, most probably did, make changes to a couple of the same files. He committed and pushed all of his changes to the repo. Then I went and committed my changes and tried to pull his changes. I was presented with a few conflicts which I mostly resolved in favor of his changes because they were files I did not change. Then when I tried to push, I got a fatal: cannot do a partial commit during a merge.

These are the screens I get.showing the files with source control status

The window when i try to commit

The error message

What can I do? The project runs fine except that the main menu of the game isn't showing the images its supposed to, which are the ones he was working on and the class files he worked on, aside from a couple of other ones.

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Common frustrating situation:

  1. Open the terminal
  2. Go to your project repository folder (the one containing the .git hidden file)
  3. Move your merge head aside typing mv .git/MERGE_HEAD /.git/MERGE_HEAD_STUCK

You problem should be half solved already, in some case you need to make a pull from the organizer:

  1. Open the Organizer - Repositories "File > source control > repositories…"
  2. Find the repository of your project and make a pull from here.

Then you should be able to use Git again from Xcode, you will probably have to resolve some merge conflicts but at least this will be under Xcode and not on the terminal.

Note: Consider removing the .DS_Stores from your git repository

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You can't commit until all merge conflicts are resolved. Based on what you described there are files that you both changed. They are conflicts that you must resolve.

I've never resolved a conflict in Xcode. You could always resolve the conflict from the Terminal app. Once in a terminal and assuming you've installed the Xcode command line tools try:

git mergetool
git commit

This will/should pop up a FileMerge window that allows you to select your or his edit. The other option you have from the Terminal is to resolve the conflicts by simply accepting his changes. This will break your code but you can go back and fix it. For that try:

git status
git checkout --theirs -- /path/to/a/conflicted/file ...
git add -- /path/to/a/conflicted/file ...
git commit

Then edit the files to fix your functionality. Once all the conflicts are resolved you will be able to commit back in Xcode.

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Xcode has issues with xcuserdata files and I had to discard changes and recommitt

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Open terminal and make use of the following:

To find which files has conflicts: git status

To do merge and fix conflicts git mergetool

You may need to add some untracked files: git add .

Finally commit changes git commit

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