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When trying to deal with a nested hash in ruby, I'm getting this error:

undefined method `has_key' for {"_l"=>{"or"=>"@`"}, "a"=>{}}:Hash (NoMethodError)

isn't the thing referenced by 'for' above... a hash? don't hashes have the has_key?() method? what's going on here?

Here's the code... thanks:

$conditioning_environments = {
  "_l" =>
    "or" => "@`"
     "a" => {

if $conditioning_environments["_"+graphemes[index+1]].has_key(g)
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The method you want is has_key? with a question mark.

The snippet you pasted has the question mark, but error indicates it's missing in the problematic code.

EDIT: you removed the question mark from the pasted snippet :p

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thanks, i guess i assumed that the question mark was optional –  Walrus the Cat May 13 '12 at 0:34
and, you're right, the paste was somehow incorrect(?) and I edited it to reflect what I saw in my code. –  Walrus the Cat May 13 '12 at 0:44

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