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I am looking for something equivalent to the "mx:Style" tag in Flex for actionscript 3. Currently I am loading the skin using StyleManager.loadStyleDeclaration().

But this loads the skin at runtime which is not my intention. Thus am looking for something similar to "mx:Style" tag in as3 such that it embeds the skin and is not required to load at runtime.

Many thanks for any replies.


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From here

 import flash.display.Sprite;
 import flash.events.Event;
 import flash.net.URLLoader;
 import flash.net.URLRequest;
 import flash.text.StyleSheet;
 import flash.text.TextField;
 import flash.text.TextFieldAutoSize;

 public class CSSFormattingExample extends Sprite
  var loader:URLLoader;
  var field:TextField;
  var exampleText:String = "<h1>This is a headline</h1>
    " + "This is a line of text. <span class=\"bluetext\">" +
    "This line of text is colored blue.</span>";

  public function CSSFormattingExample():void
   field = new TextField();
   field.width = 300;
   field.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;
   field.wordWrap = true;

   var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest("example.css");

   loader = new URLLoader();
   loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onCSSFileLoaded);

  public function onCSSFileLoaded(event:Event):void
   var sheet:StyleSheet = new StyleSheet();
   field.styleSheet = sheet;
   field.htmlText = exampleText;
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If you want to do the same without Loader and EventListener, you have this way very easy :

// Embed your stylesheet with the octet-stream mime-type
[Embed(source="assets/stylesheet.css", mimeType="application/octet-stream")]
private var stylesCSS:Class;

public function createStyleSheetObject():StyleSheet
    // create a new StyleSheet instance
    var styleSheet:StyleSheet = new StyleSheet();
    // create a instance of the styles as ByteArray
    var byteArray:ByteArray = new stylesCSS() as ByteArray;
    // read the content
    var stylesString:String = byteArray.readUTFBytes(byteArray.length);
    // parse the string by the stylesheet and done!
    return styleSheet;
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I was looking for this myself and just now found the answer.

<fx:Style source="path/to/sheet.css"/>

Yup, it's exactly the same, except now it's in the fx namespace.

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he's looking for a way in ACTIONSCRIPT –  LE GALL Benoît Jul 11 at 15:12

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