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I'm wondering about using Redcarpet's :with_toc_data option for Markdown working with Middleman (a Sinatra-based static site generator).

Our current config.rb:

set :markdown, :layout_engine => :haml
set :markdown_engine, :redcarpet

This doesn't work:

set :markdown, :layout_engine => :haml, :with_toc_data => true
set :markdown_engine, :redcarpet

Any help is very appreciated!

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That should work. File a ticket and we'll get some tests in place. –  Thomas Reynolds May 22 '12 at 3:58
FWIW I'm very interested in this too, stumbled upon this issue in order to enable fenced_code_blocks - will report my findings in favor or against the success their of. –  Lee Hambley May 22 '12 at 16:13
Filed a ticket per Thomas' request: github.com/middleman/middleman/issues/442 –  Danny Palmer May 22 '12 at 19:55
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It appears that from Issue #200 of Middleman at Github, this should be done as such:

set :markdown, :layout_engine => :haml
set :markdown_engine, :redcarpet
set :redcarpet, :with_toc_data => true

The third line being the key. I also can't make this work, so there might be something still open as a bug with Middleman?

The latest release is, which is what I have installed; but I also can't make it work. Perhaps Issue #200 should be re-opened?

I have this exact code in my config.rb:

# GitHib flavoured Markdown, I can't go back!
set :markdown_engine, :redcarpet
set :redcarpet, fenced_code_blocks: true, autolink: true

I'd be eager to understand if I am doing something incorrectly. (I'm specifically trying to use this in a Middleman Blog)

Update to my answer: The commit referenced in Issue #200 does not exist in the release, thus we'll have to use something newer.

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The above code (in my original question)should work, according to Thomas. Per his request, I opened a Middleman issue. –  Danny Palmer May 22 '12 at 19:53
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