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From examining the documentation for Ruby 1.9.3, both Array#<< and Array#push were designed to implement appending an element to the end of the current array. However, there seem to be subtle differences between the two.

The one I have encountered is that the * operator can be used to append the contents of an entire other array to the current one, but only with #push.

a = [1,2,3]
b = [4,5,6]

a.push *b
=> [1,2,3,4,5,6]

Attempting to use #<< instead gives various errors, depending on whether it's used with the dot operator and/or parentheses.

Why does #<< not work the same way #push does? Is one not actually an alias for the other?

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compare this to append vs extend in python stackoverflow.com/questions/252703 –  dreftymac Mar 15 '13 at 0:55

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They are very similar, but not identical.

<< accepts a single argument, and pushes it onto the end of the array.

push, on the other hand, accepts one or more arguments, pushing them all onto the end.

The fact that << only accepts a single object is why you're seeing the error.

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To extend on this you can shorthand 'push' 2 arrays with +=. Use << to add a single value to an array. –  Isotope May 13 '12 at 18:54
@Isotope - That creates extra objects, so it should be considered an anti-pattern unless you really don't want to modify the first array. –  x1a4 Jun 6 '13 at 19:42

The reason why << does not work and push does is that:

  1. push can accept many arguments (which is what happens when you do *b).
  2. << only accepts a single argument.
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The main difference between Array#<< and Array#insert is

Array#<< # can be used to insert only single element in the Array

Array#push # can be used to insert more than single element in the Array

Another significant difference is, In case of inserting single element,

Array#<< is faster than Array#push

Benchmarking can help in finding out the performance of these two ways, find more here.

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The push method appends an item to the end of the array.It can have more than one argument. << is used to initialize array and can have only one argument , adds an element at the end of array if already initialized.

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