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    var xhrArgs = {
     url: "../Person/GetAll",
         handleAs: "json",
         preventCache: true,
       load: function (data, ioargs) {
            var jsonString = dojo.toJson(data)
            var dataStore = new dojo.store.Memory({ data:
            dojo.fromJson(jsonString) });
    var personCmb = dijit.byId('cmbSingers');
                        if (personCmb == null)
     var cobox = new dijit.form.ComboBox({ id: "cmbSingers", name: "Name", store: dataStore, searchAttr: "Name" }, "cmbSingers");


     function cmbSingers_OnSelected() {

               alert(dijit.byId('cmbSingers').get('value')); **this return the Text, But I want to get Id of Select value**     

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you need to tell, how your json looks. combobox has only the valueAttr 'at-hand', so loop your json, while matching item.name against cobox.get("value") and pull item like that. Many stores has a query facility which leverages exactly this lookup –  mschr May 13 '12 at 11:04
It like Id,Name,Age so can u say how to do it –  pradeep May 13 '12 at 11:26

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Mkay, json is like so?

{ identifier: 'Id', items: [ { Id: '1', name:'foo', age: 12 }, { Id: '2', name:'bar', age: 30 } ] }

And you have dijit.form.ComboBox in variable cobox, your dojo.data.ItemFileReadStore in variable store.

dojo.connect(cobox, "onChange", function() {

  var val = this.get("value"),
    id = "",
    matcher = new RegExp("^" + val + "$");

  dojo.some(store._arrayOfAllItems, function(item, idx) {

   if(matcher.test(store.getValue(item, "name")) {
      id = store.getValue(item, "Id");
      return true; // breaks .some loop

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