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I have a quick question about this PHP function here. What is the am after the SELECT query? Also what does w mean in this query?

function download_redirect_torrent($winner_id)
    global $db, $setts;
    $output = array('url' => null, 'redirect' => false, 'display' => null);
    $winner_id = intval($winner_id);
    $media_details = $db->get_sql_row(
            am.*, w.is_dd, w.dd_active, w.dd_active_date 
            " . DB_PREFIX . "auction_media am, " . DB_PREFIX . "winners w 
            am.auction_id=w.auction_id AND w.winner_id=" . $winner_id . " AND am.media_type=4"
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You are referring to MySQL aliases.

winners w, here w represent the winners table

so instead of writing:

winners.is_add, winners.dd_active_date

you can write in short:

w.is_add, w.dd_active_date

and the same goes for auction_media am.

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The am and the w are table aliases, effectively abbreviations for the table names localized to this one query.

They're specified at:

    " . DB_PREFIX . "auction_media am, " . DB_PREFIX . "winners w WHERE

Some people would put an AS between the table name and the alias.

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Here w. and am. are alias of table winners and auction_media. Let assume if there is any field same in both table and we are showing that so this alias will helpful to differentiate them.


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am is an alias for auction_media talbe and w is an alias for winner table. Basically am in the query specifies the table to query from. In join queries to avoid any conflict between fields in two tables, it is best to use the table names, and aliasing is just a way to make it easier for longer table names.

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