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I have VMware Server 2.0.1 and VMware mui 1.0.9 installed on a remote host. When I try to connect to the server (port 902) or to the mui (port 8333) I get the following error message:

Unexpected response from vmware-authd: 501 Global command GLOBAL server to non-host agent targets not supported

What's at stake here? How can I resolve this problem? Thank you!

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Don't tag not-programming-related. @and – Roger Pate May 20 '10 at 14:50

" If you try to connect with the old management server you will get the following. "Unable to connect to the remote host: 501 Global command GLOBAL server-vmdb to non-host agent targets not supported."

Open a web browser and point it to your server and with the port 8222. localhost:8222 i ran on your local machine. "

See here :

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