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i am passing date in querystring, makes a query to DB which use this date to return a dataset, and than i simply bind this datatable to my report..evry thing ok..but when i press the navigation button (next) it give the error (Load Report Failed) i guess its due to the dates in the url converts to %2f.
can any one tell me the workaround for it...

my url is(which works fine as report loaded for first time)


when i click next, url becomes like


my code is :

 string fromdate = Request.QueryString.Get("fromdate");
 string todate = Request.QueryString.Get("todate");

Dataset ds = sbg_JobSeeker.GetJobSeakerDetailInfo(fromdate, todate);
ds.Tables[0].TableName = "sbg_JobSeeker";
            reportSource.ReportDocument.Load(path + "Applicants.rpt");
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i found it my self..:P i just send my querystring like

txtDateFrom.Text.Replace('/', '-') + "&todate=" + txtDateTo.Text.Replace('/', '-')

its woriking fine for me now..:)

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