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I have a website with the following virtual directories, each one is configured as application root:

  1. _root/website1
  2. _root/website2
  3. _root/website3

And each one of them have its own pointing domain:

  1. www.website1.com
  2. www.website2.com
  3. www.website3.com

When I call ResolveClientUrl("~/Default.aspx") being at website1, it returns:


wich is correct, but the browser will then point the user to:


wich is wrong, it should point to:


I understand why is this happening, I wish to know if there is some workarround to tell my application to ignore the virtual directory and asume it is in the root of the website, in this case the root of the domain? Perhaps overriding ResolveClientUrl and add a flag?

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In IIS, AFAIK, you can only apply domain binding to a website, not a virtual directory. How did you associate the v. directories to different domains? –  Meligy May 13 '12 at 7:17
Also you should really change your tags to include iis for whatever version you are running this on. –  Jared May 13 '12 at 7:44

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You can use as code below:

string.Format(Request.IsSecureConnection ? "https://{0}{1}" : "http://{0}{1}", Request.Url.Host, Page.ResolveUrl("~/default.aspx"));

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