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I am developing a simple jQuery based web application calculator in which 5 pop-up windows with their contents appear. But at last when I click the print button of main window, only the content of main window is printed out. But I need to print all the pop-up window contents along with main window. I have searched it on Google but didn't get any effective answer.

Here is my printing function:

    if (window.print) {
       document.write('<form> ' + '<input type=button name=print value="Print" '
                        + 'onClick="javascript:window.print();"></form>');
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The javascript popup windows are closed when you call the window.print(), so obviously they won't be printed this way.

You could do it in various forms, for all of them you'd most likely have to create a function for the print button's onclick event.

The simplest would be copying the 5 pop ups' html to inside a hidden div in the bottom of the document which you can copy to through JQuery's .html() and then call the .show() on that div before sending the window.print() and hiding the div right after.

The function for the print button's onclick event could be something like:

function printpage()
    $('#hiddendiv').html($('#popupContact_1').html() + '<br />' +  $('#popupContact_2').html() + '<br />' +  $('#popupContact_3').html() +  '<br />' + $('#popupContact_4').html() + '<br />' +  $('#popupContact_5').html());

Don't forget to create a div in the bottom of the document with id=hiddendiv and style="display:none" and calling the printpage() function in the print button's onclick event before trying this function. =)

You could also just call a .show() for each of your popup divs with $('.a').show() and place them at an absolute position of your page - iterating through them with .each to add a top value higher than the previous - before calling the .print().

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It is nicely working :)) Thanks a lot.you have solved my problem. – Kaidul Islam May 14 '12 at 5:07
You're welcome. =) – Fabrício Matté May 14 '12 at 5:50

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