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public T Get<T>() { ... }

where T is closed to IEnumerable<XYZ>, how can I determine the XYZ type?

I have no variable to start with.

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You mean : TReturn = Get() TReturn is ALWAYS IEnumberable<XYZ> and you need to find type of XYZ? –  gideon May 13 '12 at 8:25
Do you mean: class Foo<XYZ> : IEnumerable<XYZ> { public T Get<T>() { ... } where T : IEnumerable<XYZ> ? –  flq May 13 '12 at 8:26

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You can use the TypeSystem.GetElementType Method from LINQ: Building an IQueryable Provider - Part I to get typeof(XYZ) when given typeof(IEnumerable<XYZ>):

var elementType = TypeSystem.GetElementType(typeof(IEnumerable<XYZ>));
// elementType == typeof(XYZ)

In your method, you can use typeof(T) to get the Type object that represents T.

public T Get<T>()
    var elementType = TypeSystem.GetElementType(typeof(T));
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You can use typeof(T), that will get you the right type info.

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