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I just found out murmur hash, seems to be the fastest known and quite collision resistance. I tried to dig more about the algorithm or implementation in full source code, but I am having difficulty understanding it. Could someone here explain the algorithm used, or implement it in full source code, preferably in C. I read the C source code from the author website but has no idea, like: what is seed, h, k, m ? what does this mean :

k *= m; 
k ^= k >> r; 
k *= m; 

h *= m; 
h ^= k;

data += 4;
len -= 4;


Reference : http://murmurhash.googlepages.com/

Sorry for my English and my stupidity. Cheers

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Have you looked at wikipedia? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MurmurHash –  merkuro Jun 29 '09 at 8:07
@merkuro Have you looked at the Wikipedia article? –  Ian Boyd Apr 26 '12 at 17:20

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The code is available here . m and r are constants used by the algorithm. k *= m means take variable k and multiple it by m. k ^= k >> r means take k and right shift the bits r places (e.g. if r is 2 110101 would become 001101) and then XOR it with k.

Hope that gives you enough to work through the rest.


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