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When logging in Go with log.Println, I frequently get

2012/05/13 16:45:50 evaluating %v(PANIC=3)

I'm not sure how to determine what I've done wrong, I assume that somewhere fmt.Println has caught a panic generated by one of my own Stringer interface implementations, so as not to crash my program due to logging failure.

How do I work out what's going on? Why am I getting this erroneous message?

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You are right, there is a panic in a String method. But it has nothing to do with the log package. Println uses %v, and %v means running String method. Having a panic in the String method invokes catchPanic. Here in your output 3 is the value of your panic.

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Cheers. With a debugger attached, the process is interrupted at the point the panic is thrown, and it is as you described. –  Matt Joiner Jul 3 '12 at 21:17

W/o the code to inspect it's hard to say. To debug it, perhaps try replacing log.Println("evaluating", foo) with log.Printf("evaluating %#v\n", foo). It works a bit differently:

package main

import "log"

type t int

func (t) String() string {

func main() {
    var v t = 42
    log.Println("evaluating", v)
    log.Printf("evaluating %#v\n", v)

$ go run main.go
2012/05/13 11:19:49 evaluating %v(PANIC=3)
2012/05/13 11:19:49 evaluating 42
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