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I need help incrementing value of all keys in participants without having to know name of the keys inside of it.

> db.conversations.findOne()

"_id" : ObjectId("4faf74b238ba278704000000"),
"participants" : {
    "4f81eab338ba27c011000001" : NumberLong(2),
    "4f78497938ba27bf11000002" : NumberLong(2)

I've tried with something like

$mongodb->conversations->update(array('_id' => new \MongoId($objectId)), array('$inc' => array('participants' => 1)));

to no avail...

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You need to redesign your schema. It is never a good idea to have "random key names". Even though MongoDB is schemaless, it still means you need to have defined key names. You should change your schema to:

    "_id" : ObjectId("4faf74b238ba278704000000"),
    "participants" : [
        { _id: "4f81eab338ba27c011000001", count: NumberLong(2) },
        { _id: "4f78497938ba27bf11000002", count: NumberLong(2) }

Sadly, even with that, you can't update all embedded counts in one command. There is currently an open feature request for that:

In order to still update everything, you should:

  • query the document
  • update all the counts on the client side
  • store the document again

In order to prevent race conditions with that, have a look at "Compare and Swap" and following paragraphs.

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Ok, I've updated schema and all methods according to your example, however when doing a update by running your code above error message "can't append to array using string field name [count]" is displayed. – Sputnik May 13 '12 at 11:50
You're right. There is a Jira ticket for this: Please vote for it! I've updated my answer. – Derick May 14 '12 at 13:01

It is not possible to update all nested elements in one single move in current version of MongoDB. So I can advice to use "foreach {}".

Read realted topic: how to update multiple array elements in mongodb

I hope this feature will be implemented in next version.

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