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I wonder how the main activity in the Android Google play app is implemented, is it a ListView, GridView or a TableLayout ?

what can be the best approaches to implement such a list ?


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To check what is it exactly, you could use the Hierarchy View tool from ADT.

But my opinion is:

  • As the amount of data there is constant and small, there is no need for a ListView
  • As the number of "columns" per "row" varies, a GridView or a TableLayour are not a good fit either
  • Because the layout is always the same, and only the content changes, the most obvious way would be to have a vertical LinearLayout as the root, and a GridView (or a horizontal LinearLayout) for every "row".
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Thanks, I did as you said, it was a group of relative layouts aligned beside each other –  Mina Samy May 14 '12 at 14:13

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