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Suppose that we have concepts in an ontology like: grand_mother, mother, and son. grand_mother concept has some entities like: Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Linda... mother concept has some entities like: Mrs. Jennifer, Mrs. King.. son concept has: Mike, Bill..

The degree of entities belong to 2 neighbor concepts (like mother and son, or grand_mother and mother) is 0.6. the degree of entities belongs to 2 far concepts (like son and grand_mother) is : 0.6 * 0.6.

User can type some keywords to the search box, and I must measure the degree of them. For example, 1st keyword is Mrs. Brown and 2nd is Mike. I have no idea how to do it? (use reasoners but I don't know how to measure the degree of them). Have technologies to do it?

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advanced.

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I think the keyword that you're looking for is weighted graphs, and a shortest path algorithm eg.'s_algorithm

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