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Is there any iOS Storyboard equivalent for Android development?

iOS Storyboard is fantastic that saves us a lot of time writing code. It is almost like a direct wireframe/prototype to final development too.

Anything on Android development which can perform the same?

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Honestly I dont think there is. Although I am sure you can find tools to allow you to create the workflow between screens of your application.

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any names of these tools please ? –  moujib May 13 '12 at 11:04

Android tools team just launched an early prototype of Navigation Editor for Android Applications, which they're planning to release next year

As of now, it'll be available to try/use in Android Studio.

Get all the information on Android tools website: http://tools.android.com/navigation-editor

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it looks like a good start, but it's still useless. –  www.eugenehp.tk Jul 27 at 18:53

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