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I am currently using ProgressDialog for my webivew. Like this below:

How can i make only the spinner visible and not the dialog box, and center the spinner ?

 pd = ProgressDialog.show(this, "", "Loading...",

 Webf = (WebView) findViewById(R.id.WebFaceId);
 Webf.setWebViewClient(new WebViewClient() {
     public void onPageFinished(WebView view, String url) {
         if(pd.isShowing() && pd!=null)

     public boolean shouldOverrideUrlLoading(WebView v, String url) {

            return true;

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You need to add the Indeterminate ProgressBar to your layout xml. Use the proper attributes to put it where ever you like. Set it to visibility="gone". Instead of pd.show() use progressBar.setVisibility(View.Visible);, and View.GONE, when you want to hide it again.

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