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I have a form, on its action i have a php file, i want that when i click submit, it should first open the action php (means view in browser), and then start executing the code in it.

form tag is like this

<form action="myScript.php" method="post"></form>

right now what happen is, when i click submit, it stays on the same page and start executing the php file, when it is done then, then it shows the script file page in browser.

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you can use jquery POST and do what ever you want: jQuery.POST

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Is the <input type="submit"> tags etc. inside the <form> tags. If not, then the input buttons are pointless, and just return false. Your code should look like this:

<form action="myScript.php" method="post">
    <input type="submit" />

Does this help?

Kai :-)

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You have to execute the PHP in order to generate the page that is shown in the browser as a result of the POST. Even if your PHP is generating the page and then performing a long operation, output buffering and compression will defeat you, so you will need to turn them off. See How to flush output after each `echo` call? for other things you may have to do to get your output to appear immediately.

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