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I am having a problem toggling some content that was clicked.The two items are identical and once i click one item,the other item that was not clicked toggles too.Is there a technique i can use to identify what was clicked so that the clicked item can toggle and the other is unaffected?.

Here is the example in jfiddle

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I have updated your Fiddle, please check here -

Basically what's changed is the following:

if($('.toggleContent', $(this).parent()).is(':visible')){
    $('.toggleContent', $(this).parent()).hide("slow");
    $('.green', $(this).parent()).val("+");
} else {
    $('.toggleContent', $(this).parent()).show("slow");
    $('.green', $(this).parent()).val("-");
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        } else {


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give your elements different ids and then for both ids write two different functions of toggle that will be called on click event like jQuery(#id1).click(function() { // Your code to toggle }) and same for other ellement

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Have different ids for the both items is not an option in this case. – Gandalf May 13 '12 at 12:03

Use the toggle on $(this) in the event.

$(this) means the element which fire the event.

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