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I'm developing my project in Visual Studio and I'm using qmake to create the solution file. I'm trying to organize the solution by introducing sub-folders to contain similar projects. However, the solution file produced by qmake has a folder hierarchy of only one level.

Is there any way to configure qmake to produce a folder hierarchy for Visual Studio, similar to the effect of "Add→New Solution Folder" in the Solution Explorer?

Edit: to clarify, suppose I have this directory structure:

   +--- GroupDir1
   |       +--- ProjectDir1
   |       +--- ProjectDir2
   +--- GroupDir2
           +--- ProjectDir3

I want the folder hierarchy in the solution as seen in Visual Studio to reflect just that, but this is the solution I manage to generate using qmake:

   +--- ProjectDir1
   +--- ProjectDir2
   +--- ProjectDir3
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can you post your qmake hierarchy (only the relevant parts)?? –  UmNyobe May 28 '12 at 16:36

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what you are probably looking for is to add the following in your pro file

CONFIG -= flat

Take a look at the Qt documentation on this option

As an example, you can also take a look at this pro file which uses this option

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TEMPLATE = subdirs
CONFIG  += ordered

SUBDIRS +=  project1\

The subdirs template is used for building targets in subdirectories. You can add subdirectories using the variable SUBDIRS.

In general is it a good idea to add CONFIG += ordered, in case you have depedencies between projects (like a library).

You can also use .pri files, the equivalent of headers for project files, to share variables between your sub-projects.


Create with

TEMPLATE = subdirs
CONFIG  += ordered

SUBDIRS +=  GroupDir1\

then with

TEMPLATE = subdirs
CONFIG  += ordered

SUBDIRS +=  ProjectDir1\

and then with

TEMPLATE = subdirs
CONFIG  += ordered

SUBDIRS +=  ProjectDir3

This is guaranteed to work with Qt Creator, cannot test it with visual-studio...

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Thanks for the response, but that's exactly what I'm doing right now, and it still gives me that 1-level hierarchy that I want to avoid. Each .pro file is already using the subdirs template. –  Eitan T May 28 '12 at 16:56

Yes you can have a hierarchy in your .pro/pri but it gets "converted" to a single level structure in visual studio. But since the pro/pri is what's actually used by qmake its not really single/level flat (your source files don't get moved).

Hopefully this makes sense!

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In the structure of the VS project they're one level, but the physical location isn't is what I mean by "converted". It looks like totem is on the money with the CONFIG -= flat option :) –  paulm May 31 '12 at 14:06

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