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the following set up I have: - A TabBarControler - Inside a Tab a UINavigationController - Inside Here a UITableViewController - Inside here the possibility to search entries with a UISearchDisplayController

I may not post pictures which would explain everything better but SO won't allow it.

  • So I have aTable with sections and entries and a search bar.
  • Now I do a search and select one of the search results to enter a detailed view
  • After selecting one of the results and returning back to the search results

The Sections headers are there but I made sure in the appropriate section callbacks that there is returned a nil respective 0 value when the search table is active. I am guessing that it is connected with the NavController but I have no clue how to send the section headers into the background again.

Any help appreciated,



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... found it ... shame on me, it was a table reload call in the parent class in the ViewDidApear Method.

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